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​Flame-resistant (FR) clothing

Flame-resistant (FR) protective equipment addresses the essential issue of guarding against open flames and sudden flashes.  These include things like arc flashes, arc blasts, fires, explosions, and related burns.

The two most common hazards FR clothing and garments protect against are flash fires and electric arc flash, which we cover in-depth on dedicated resource pages.  It is important to determine which FR hazards are present on your job site, as different fabrics and testing are geared towards specific hazards.  For example, flash fire testing is best highlighted by NFPA 2112, whereas arc flash hazards are best represented by electric arc testing.

Flame-resistant (FR) clothing is made of a fabric designed to protect workers from flames and thermal exposure. Garments made from everyday synthetic fibers will continue burning long after the flame source has been extinguished and can result in a severe burn injury.  With FR clothing, a worker’s garment will self-extinguish once the fire source is removed.  FR material does not ignite, melt, drip, or continue burning once the initial flame has subsided, ensuring that the burn danger does not spread.  As a result, FR garments limit burn injuries, provide additional escape time, and increase a worker’s overall chance of survival in flame hazard situations.

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